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Advanced Surgical Procedures

Advanced surgery at Pacific VetcareAdvanced surgery at Pacific Vetcare

There is many a time over a pet’s life that they may require a surgical procedure. Routinely the vets at Pacific Vetcare perform operations such as desexing , removal of lumps, removal of gastrointestinal foreign bodies and treatment of wounds for example.

We also pride ourselves on the ability to perform more complicated surgeries that would otherwise need to be undertaken by a specialist veterinary surgeon. We work closely with specialist practices and referral surgery is always offered for more challenging cases. Unfortunately this is not always practical for pet owners due the expense or the need to travel to Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sydney to have these procedures performed.

Some of the more common advanced surgical procedures offered at Pacific Vetcare are outlined below.

  • Soft tissue surgery.
  • Large tumour resections requiring skin flaps or plastic surgery
  • Ear canal surgery when this has been destroyed from chronic infection
  • Airway surgery for Brachiocephalic dogs ( short nosed bulldogs etc)
  • Bladder and Kidney surgery
  • Exploratory surgery of the belly cavity to diagnose and treat internal problems
  • Correction of perineal hernias (swellings to the side of the anus leading to constipation)

Orthopaedic or bone surgery

  • Repair of nasty fractures requiring screws and plate or external bone fixation
  • Cruciate surgery for large dogs. Tibial levelling procedures by cutting the shin bone and applying a plate.
  • Surgery to remove cartilage flaps from the joint (OCD flaps) such as the shoulder.
  • Repair of joints after damage to the stabilising ligaments.

This list is not exhaustive so feel free to ring or book an appointment to discuss any other surgical possibilities with our vets.

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