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Becoming a Veterinary Surgeon

A veterinary surgeon's role is very rewarding but it takes hard work and committment to get there. You will also need necessary qualifications, you can obtain these by lots of study!
Some of the universities that have a veterinary faculty, namely University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland (Brisbane), James Cook University (Townsville, QLD), Murdoch University (Perth) and Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga, NSW).
The veterinary degree is very competitive, with year 12 students needing to score a university entrance rank of around 98/100. Once accepted to the degree, there is a dropout rate of between 10 and 20% with students either failing, or realizing that the degree is not for them.
The veterinary degree takes a minimum of 5 years full time study to complete, and once out in the workforce, the learning never stops!
Becoming a Veterinary Nurse

The role of the Veterinary Nurse is to support the Veterinary Surgeon and care for patients whilst they are being treated. Like the role of the Vet, a Nurse's position is hard work and demanding but is very rewarding. There is nothing better than seeing a pet walk out the door of the hospital healthy and recovered. The nurse's role is key to the smooth running of any vet clinic. Nurse's can be relied upon to do all sorts of tasks from basic animal care such as cleaning cages, feeding and watering to highly skilled tasks such as taking blood, administering medications, dental treatments and monitoring anaesthetics.
To become a nurse you can study through private colleges or TAFE institutes, on campus or by distance education. The Veterinary Nurse qualification is Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. From this you can go on to study further specialising in interest areas or becoming a nurse technician.

Work Experience & Volunteering

We accept many requests for school and TAFE students to do their work experience throughout the year. The important thing you should remember when considering work experience with us is to get in early!!
The number of requests we get far exceeds the number of places we have on offer. For 2011 we are already full booked for TAFE nursing students. If you are a school student needing to do work experience this year, please contact us as soon as possible to book in and avoid disappointment.
Veterinary Students in their final year should also contact us as soon as possible to arrange placements as again we can only accept a limited number of students at a time.
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